Beirut Live 2020 - بيروت

October 28-29




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Together towards a common future

Now more than ever, communities around the Mediterranean basin must collaborate and plan for the future. Our mission at AMWAJ Forum is to create synergies across shores to drive coaction towards reliable, sustainable and modern energy and water for all.
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The agenda

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The Mediterranean region is at a crossroads. The water and energy sectors are linked by an indisputable bond, which shapes and influences every aspect of our existence. Water scarcity presents fundamental challenges to stability and resilience in the context of climate change while expanding renewable energy is crucial to ensuring the region’s clean energy future. With multiple challenges facing the region such as air pollution, dependency on fossil fuels, rapid urbanization, and population growth, the need for cross-border integrated efforts is imminent. Achieving joint sustainability in both sectors can be a key vector of cooperation and integration, in a region that is in dire need of new management models for sustainability. Thus, governments and stakeholders must amplify the implementation of reforms and develop gradual harmonization of policies and regulatory frameworks between countries. Specifically, the region must adopt a series of mitigation and resilience-building measures to face the challenges created by climate change.

Water and Energy entrepreneurship provides localized and affordable services to underserved communities, typically left out of the WASH and energy markets. Through continued training, formalization, and investment, entrepreneurs can better link community demand to the private sector supply. Such synergies could provide the startup ecosystem with the support it needs to create a long-term sustainable impact that is driven by innovation on the fronts of clean and renewable energy, water conservation and management, infrastructure, and many more.


Meet the speakers

Get to know the people behind forum. Our experts in sustainable development.
Wednesday 28 October 2020
Rana El-Haj

Climate Change and Environment Program Manager at Issam Fares Policy institute American University of Beirut

Mey Al Sayegh
Communication Manager of Lebanon Crisis Response Plan (LCRP) at the Ministry of Social Affairs
Roula Majdalani

Director of the Sustainable Development Policies Division (SDPD) at UN-ESCWA

Soumaya Zaddem

Disaster Risk Reduction Expert at UNESCO

Isidro González Afonso

UFM Deputy Secretary General

Thursday 29 October 2020
Rami Deeb

Communications Officer at REVOLVE

Almotaz Abadi

Managing Director- UFM Water Cooperation and Investment

Vagelis Constantianos

Executive Secretary and Regional Coordinator at the Global Water Partnership (GWP) Mediterranean

Dr. Yasmine Jabali

Senior lecturer at the University of Balamand, Lebanon

Ramy Boujawde

Deputy General Manager at Berytech

Mohammed Komani

Investigative Journalist

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As part of AMWAJ Forum 2020, we have partnered with 'The Other DaDa' to plant trees along the Beirut river, and we invite you to participate either by donating or volunteering to bring urban forestry into the capital of Lebanon!


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